Pan’s People – Funky Street

The Lulu Show, 1 February 1969: Pan’s People dance, Lulu sings Funky Street.

From the old blog, Tuesday 7 February 2012:

Here’s a rarity, posted by Flight14 over at It’s Pan’s People on Lulu’s* TV show, Happening for Lulu on February 1 1969, dancing to Lulu’s Funky Street along with a couple of blokes.

Quality is not the best, and we mostly only get wide shots of the dancers, but I reckon it’s the full 1969 line-up. Thanks to Flight14 and for the clip.

*Not that one.


PattiforPM said…

Thanks for this YMG/F14. Great to see the sixties PP in all their glory even from a distance. Also forgot how cute the young Lulu was and what a powerful voice she had.
7 February 2012 13:47

Some Guy said…

I notice that Pans are performing here with Male dancers. I do not profess to be a Pans expert by any stretch of the imagination, so id like to know if this was a rare occurence or was it a common sight on shows of this nature ? Did Pans ever get lumbered with male dancers on TOTPs, i would have thought not ?
7 February 2012 20:41

Suefan said…

A fine voice but would you have trusted her at the wheel of your getaway car?
7 February 2012 23:03

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