Ruby Flipper – A Fifth of Beethoven

Top of the Pops 29th of July 1976:
Ruby Flipper dance to A Fifth of Beethoven by Walter Murphy and the Big Apple Band

Philharmonius Phil and Funky Floid conduct these eight perfect pins.

Thanks to for the YouTube post.

From the old blog, Wednesday, 10 March 2010:

More Ruby Flipper on TOTP, on the 29th of July 1976. The music is A Fifth of Beethoven by Walter Murphy and the Big Apple Band, a bit of kitschy funked-up classical fluff used in the film Saturday Night Fever.

Oh my! This clip has got me in quite a quandry. I just can’t decide who has the best legs. What do you think?


Carl said…

and Shhhhhhhh! Let’s enjoy music and picture co-ordination while it lasts for this routine.
Finally a chance to see the authentic version of the Flipsters routine in it’s full uncensored glory.
Who’d have thought even Beethoven could be put into a disco groove- with great success!
16 January 2011 00:12

PattiforPM said…

Let me think – Patti has the best legs YMG
30 April 2011 02:43

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