Legs & Co. – (You Make me Feel) Mighty Real

To of the Pops, 21 September 1978:
Legs & Co. dance to (You Make me Feel) Mighty Real by Sylvester.
Featuring a guest appearance from Floid.

from the old blog, Monday, 16 September 2013:

One of my favourite Legs & Co. performances, last week’s BBC4 Top of the Pops repeat has given me the excuse to post this higher quality version. Legs & Co. Dancing to Sylvester’s disco classic (You Make me Feel) Mighty Real. With a guest appearance from former Ruby Flipper dancer Floyd, this is a great performance, full of gusto.

In the days before the rise of the music video, when even promotional films were rare, Legs & Co (and their predecessors) were often called upon to dance to disco, soul and funk records, whose American originators were not available to perform, in the flesh or on screen. Since these records were almost always made with dancing in mind the combination, as here, was often fortuitous.

Also from the old blog, Sunday, 31 August 2008:


PattiforPM said…

Great routine and definite contender for “Best outfits ever worn by a TOTP dance troupe” in my opinion.
30 April 2011 15:08

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