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Legs & Co. – Some Girls Compilation

From December 31 2014:

Here’s a special New Year’s Present from none other than Sue Menhenick. From her personal collection, it’s a different edit of the Christmas Some Girls video compilation we’ve seen already. In this version, there’s a lot less Racey and a lot more Legs & Co. The general picture quality is a considerable improvement too.

Thanks to Sue for the kind gift, and for the support and encouragement she’s given to the OFTD forum. And a happy new year to everyone!

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Legs & Co. – I Will Survive

Top of the Pops Christmas Special (Part 2), 27 December 1979:
Legs & Co. dance to Gloria Gaynor’s “I Will Survive”.

Looking moody in glamorous green sequinned outfits, Gill, Lulu, Pauline, Rosemary and Sue dance upstairs, as Patti roller-skates around the skinny tinsel Christmas tree downstairs.

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Legs & Co. – Love’s Unkind

TOTP, 22 December 1977: Legs & Co. dance to Donna Summer’s Love’s Unkind.

From the old blog, Friday, 18 November 2011:

Here’s another update to an old, non-embedded clip post. This time, Legs & Co. dance to Donna Summer’s Love’s Unkind. Lots of classic literal interpretation here. I would observe that the set decor seems to have an “Homage to Tetris” theme, except I’m pretty sure this clip predates the addictive Russian game by a few years. So Tetris is, in fact, a tribute to this dance routine! Or something. Yay!


Suefan said…

Well it must be those hats as whenever I watch this routine I think of Bertie Bassetts liquorice allsorts. Good to see Pauline and Rosie getting a little more camera time than is the norm but there’s still only one little sweetie for me.

18 November 2011 09:53

PattiforPM said…

Yes the ladies are rather like “candies” in this one, as we would say on this side of the Atlantic. Bright and sweet and I can’t let this one go without mentioning Patti hitting the 300 mark on the Blog. Congratulations

18 November 2011 14:58

Some Guy said…

Thanks for posting this YMG, quite simply my favourite Legs & Co routine ever. Those pink and yellow outfits do it for me, love the dance moves also.

18 November 2011 16:29

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Legs & Co. – Blue Peter

Top of the Pops, 20 December 1979:
Legs & Co. dance to Mike Oldfield’s version of the Blue Peter theme.

The nautical theme to the outfits, and the hornpipe steps incorporated into the performance, reflect the original show: the theme tune is actually called “Barnicle Bill” and is written in the form of a sailors’ hornpipe.

I seem to have mistakenly posted this routine twice on the old blog. I can’t seem to find any record of the initial posting, but the second post is fairly amusing: particularly the way it starts out, since I continue on to make some more embarrassing errors.

From the old blog, Wednesday, 3 October 2012:

Isn’t it great to be proven wrong?

No sooner do I gabble on about “historic milestones”, and having every existing legs & Co. routine on the blog, than immediately Betaman31252 posts a rarity on YouTube: Legs & Co. on Blue Peter, in nautical outfits, dancing to Mike Oldfield’s then-new rocked-up version of their theme tune. Hooray for wrongness! Hooray for Betaman31252!

If this was an olympic gymnastic sport, Gill and Lulu would lose points for tiny faults in their, erm, “dismount” i suppose you’d call it. But it isn’t so they don’t. Gold medals all round.

Update: Well, if I like being proven wrong, I’m having triple fun with this clip. Sensible folks PattiforPM and Ryan have pointed out (1) It’s not Blue Peter, it’s TOTP, and (2) I’ve already posted this clip, here, on Friday, 9 September last year. Sorry folks. I’m working too hard. That’s my excuse. My brain hurts.


Niall young said…

Great to see this…I only just recently got a box set of Mike Oldfield remasters and was playing this to my daughter (she loves Blue Peter)…I think I might show her this performance too…brilliant!
3 October 2012 20:40

PattiforPM said…

Just FYI, this is not the Blue Peter programme performance by Legs but I believe it’s a version of the TOTP performance of this song without you know who’s intro.
3 October 2012 22:55

Niall young said…

Yes, I know it’s not BP…I did show it to my daughter…she thought it was awful!
3 October 2012 23:11

Some Guy said…

…I thought I’d seen this before on OFTDs and it was posted on 09/12/11.
5 October 2012 22:12

YoungMister Grace said…

Duh! I’m going to blame this on overwork. My brain is fried. Sorry for the duplicate post, folks.
7 October 2012 15:02

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Legs & Co. – (Just Like) Starting Over at Christmas

Top of the Pops 18 December 1980:
Legs & Co. dance to (Just Like) Starting Over by John Lennon.

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Legs & Co. – You’ll Never Get to Heaven (If You Break My Heart)

Top of the Pops, 16 December 1976: Legs & Co. dance to The Stylistics’
You’ll Never Get to Heaven (If You Break My Heart).

At last! It’s been an awfully long time since I had anything genuinely new to post here. But thanks to an anonymous donor, I’ve got this never-before-seen-here performance to share.

And what a routine! Full of that literal choreography which mean-spirited detractors complain about, but which I enjoy: lots of finger pointing (and wagging) going on, and indeed the outfits and setting are all part of that literal mood.

It’s not the first time we’ve seen our girls dressed as angels. though: back in July of that year, Ruby Flipper danced to Tavares’ Heaven Must Be Missing An Angel. in similar outfits. Except now their wings have grown bigger, and the dresses shorter: and their halos, flippety flopping about on a single wire back in July, now have a much firmer support structure.

Thanks again to my generous donor for restoring this long-lost treasure to us.

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Legs & Co. – My Way

Top of the Pops, 15th Dec 1977:
Legs & Co.dance to My Way by Elvis Presley.

It’s entirely in keeping with the tone of this song that the dancers should refrain from smiling: and the fact that the singer had recently died would contribute to the sombre tone of the proceedings. But to me, combined with the flouncy-ness of their pink outfits with ribbons and bows, those long faces give all five dancers the look of tomboys forced against their will into feminine frocks for a formal occasion. Think “Scout” in To Kill a Mockingbird.

Thanks to ASmK for the YouTube post.

From the old blog, Tuesday, 7 June 2011:

Yet another clip sent by the prolific Bucksby. Here’s Legs & Co. dancing to Elvis Presley’s version of My Way, from December 15 !977.

No Patti in this performance. But wait – she was in the Egyptian Reggae number, in the same episode of TOTP. And just who is that playing Elvis in silhouette? Hmmm…


carl said…

The Egyptian reggae performance on 15-12-77 was repeated from 24-11-77. I thought it could have been Patti “as Elvis” someone must know for sure.
7 June 2011 08:57

Suefan said…

One of Legs most sedate performances but Sue’s smile saves the day.
7 June 2011 09:23

PattiforPM said…

Well I am hoping that Patti was absent as the excellent Egyptian Reggae was a repeat. Sorry SueFan I don’t think even the Goddess’s smile saved this King’s dirge. There are very few Legs routines I don’t like at all but this one’s top of the compost heap for me.
7 June 2011 13:21

Suefan said…

There is much in what you say P4PM. This smacks of a replacement to me and I wonder which number those pink frocks had originally been meant for? What began going down the charts that week I ask?
And they said SF couldn’t do diplomatic.
7 June 2011 16:42

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Legs & Co. – You Don’t Bring Me Flowers

Top of the Pops 14 December 1978:
Legs & Co. dance to You Don’t Bring Me Flowers by Barbara Streisand and Neil Diamond.

from the old blog:

PattiforPM commented:

Thankyou thankyou YMG … This is so full of grace and quite beautifully done. I wonder if I can put Patti in my name more than once?
28 December 2010 13:31

Some Guy commented:

This song reminds me of sad times i`ve had recently and has always made me cry. YMG, the posting of late have been just magnificent. Every one seems to get better. We are so grateful to you.
28 December 2010 15:19

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Legs & Co. – Living on an Island

TOTP, 13 December 1979: Legs & Co. dance to Status Quo’s Living on an Island.

I can’t find any records of my original blog comments on this routine, but I think I can reconstruct them. Status Quo, breaking out of their cliché reputation as mindless boogie merchants, perform a lightweight ballad about the joys of life away from civilisation on a tropical island. But expat Flick has chosen to interpret the song title differently, and creates a dance routine celebrating life on the island of Great Britain, with the dancers playing famous historical figures.

Rosemary could be Bouddica, except the round shield means (I think) she is Britannia, the only fictional character here. Sue could be any great medieval lady: I’m going for Eleanor of Aquitaine. Lulu is obviously The Virgin Queen, Elizabeth I of England. The lamp in her hand means that Gill is Florence Nightingale, inventor of the pie chart. Patti dressed as an aviatrix, must be England’s most famous one, Amy Johnson. And go-go dancing miniskirted Ruth has to be Mary Quant.

Thanks to PattiforPM for the original clip.

Update: Now we’ve had a chance to see this performance in its original context, on BBC 4’s repeat of the full TOTP show. And what do you know? As Ryan points out in his comment below, Mike Read explain’s who’s playing who right after the routine: seems I was right about everyone except Sue: she’s playing King Arthur’s Queen Guinevere. Which Ryan had previously suggested, on the now-lost original blog’s discussion. I’m happy to admit defeat here: my only excuse is that I was sticking to strictly historical figures for my choices, and Guinevere is clearly a mythical figure. But enough quibbling. Points to Ryan.

Further update I’ve replaced the broken old clip with a nice shiny new BBC4 version: thanks to Andeebee for the dailymotion post.

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Legs & Co. – Portsmouth

Top of the Pops 9th of December 1976:
Legs & Co. dance to Mike Oldfield’s Portsmouth

The 9th of December is well into panto season, so here are Legs & Co. as half-a-dozen thigh-slapping, thigh-booted Principle Boys.

(For those readers outside Limey-land, a “Principle Boy” in traditional British pantomime is a swaggering macho male character played by a female actress. As opposed to a “Dame” which is a grotesque female character played by a male actor. Yes indeed.)

Don’t make the mistake of calling them “Pirates”, though: Portsmouth has been a major Royal Navy port for centuries, so finding any pirates hanging around there would be highly unlikely. They might be privateers, however: private individuals authorised to attack and plunder the crown’s enemies during wartime. Of course, one country’s privateers are another country’s pirates, so the distinction doesn’t really count for much.

That parrot is pretty well-behaved: I though at first it was stuffed, but no, he (or she) is definitely shifting about in the close-ups.

Thanks to honestjoe1000 for the YouTube post.

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