Pan’s People – If I Could Talk to the Animals

The John Denver Show, 13th May 1973:
Pan’s People dance, John Denver sings If I Could Talk to the Animals

I can’t find my original comments from the old blog post of this routine, so I’m unsure who tho thanks for this contribution: please get in touch if you’d like a credit.

I do still have some surviving informative comments from erudite readers:

mojo2007 said…

Poor Ruth, she had the gorilla suit , a tent to dance with In Concert, an other one in that oil depot number and now she dances with a goldfish. Unfair to a fair lady.
25 June 2014 16:29

VintageVideos said…

Of course, Bill & Taffy Danoff went on to form the Starland Vocal Band.
25 June 2014 17:18

Pans Legs said…

Episode 3 of The John Denver Show from 13th May 1973, featured Cherry & Ricky Stratful from The Young Generation paired up for a number (whose title escapes me) which features the ramp seen in the solo from Louise, this tarzan/talk to the animals section and a spooky ghosts routine at the end. I expect the only reason information was missing online for this episode was that the person who made the SUPER channel recordings years ago either forgot to record it or didn’t trade it around.
25 June 2014 17:38

VintageVideos said…

The number that Cherry & Ricky danced to was the Theme From Summer of ’42 by Michel Legrand.
June 2014 18:50

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