Pan’s People – You’re The Top

The John Denver Show, 29 April 1973: Pan’s People dance, John sings You’re The Top.

Thanks to Andeebee for the YouTube post.

From the old blog, Thursday, 17 March 2011

Here’s a clip of Pan’s People fro their regular spot as guest on John Denver’s BBC Variety show: John sings Cole Porter’s You’re The Top and the girls dnace in thirties frocks (the thirties were big in the seventies).

I’m afraid this clip manages to miss part of the first line of the song: that’s always unfortunate, but particularly so with a carefully unconventional lyricist like Cole Porter. The whole first line is “At words poetic, I’m so pathetic”.


Suefan said…

Not my favourite sort of music but the ladies do a good job. Poor little Cherry though, coping that cheesy line.
Was it on one of these shows that Pans appeared as mermaid combing their hair?
17 March 2011 14:43

jez said…

yes i agree suefan not my type of music as well but hey anything with pans people on is worth watching
17 March 2011 18:38

Young Mister Grace said…

Hold that thought just a day or two, Suefan…
17 March 2011 21:18

PattiforPM said…

As long as John Denver doesn’t appear in a Speedo YMG otherwise I’m exercising my veto!
18 March 2011 01:34

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