Ruby Flipper – Jeans On

Top of the Pops, 5th August 1976: Ruby Flipper dance while David Dundas sings Jeans On.

Back in the seventies, blue denim trousers were so culturally significant, songs featured in their adverts would often becomes pop hits, as here.

Illustrating the main problem with combined dancer-artist performance. here we have far to many boring shots of David D, and not nearly enough of those delicious short shorts.

Thanks to Andeebee for the YouTube post.

From the old blog, Tuesday, 1 February 2011:

Here’s another Ruby Flipper routine, dancing to Jeans On while David Dundas sings and plays. I don’t suppose there are any other feasible outfits for this song.


Carl said…

YMG, Wow.
This is a real treat. Two Ruby Flipper videos in quick succession. One of their simpler routines, but they had the more energetic ‘Shake Your Booty’ coming up later in the same edition. ‘Jeans On’ is another mid-70s classic.
I heard some techno song recently which riffed the main melody of this.
1 February 2011 17:56

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