Legs & Co. – All Over The World

Top of the Pops, 14 August 1980:
Legs & Co. dance to All Over The World by The Electric Light orchestra (ELO).

From the old blog, Wednesday, 9 March 2011:

Here’s an international routine: Legs & Co. dancing to ELO’s All Over The World in costumes representing various countries.


Suefan said…

Who was that twit they found to introduce the girls. What a w*****. Some great costumes. That Swiss miss is a real hit.

9 MARCH 2011 16:35

Some Guy said…

Not a fan of Mr Daltrey then Suefan. Superb routine this, Yes i agree with the previous comment the swiss miss is so sexy in this clip, well like most clips actually.
Such a shame there isnt a better quality version of this,we could then appreciate the girls even more.

9 MARCH 2011 17:06

jez said…

when i first saw this routine in 1980 on totp i remember thinking to myself that was a good routine legs did tonite 31 years later and my thoughts are still the same

9 MARCH 2011 19:48

PattiforPM said…

The Girls look great but I long for a closer and clearer look at them in this routine as the outfits are great and the dance looks like great fun. I agree SueFan, Daltrey is a far better singer than presenter too

9 MARCH 2011 23:45

Update 7 July 2015: PattiforPM’s wishes are fulfilled, as we now have a much clear version of this clip, taken from a recent BBC4 Top of the Pops repeat.

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Legs & Co. – Ring My Bell

Top of the Pops Christmas Day Special, 25 December 1979: Legs & Co. dance to Anita Ward’s Ring My Bell.

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Legs & Co. – Fanfare for the Common Man

Top of the Pops 25 December 1977:
Legs & Co. dance to Fanfare for the Common Man by Emerson, Lake and Palmer.

Christmas Day on Top of the Pops: and what could be more christmassy than a pantomime? Of course the world of panto always had “One for the Dads”, in the shape of the Principal Boy. Traditionally in British pantomime, the male romantic lead character (and often his best pal too) would be played by a beautiful young woman, usually in tights and riding boots, performing an over-the-top parody of dashing maleness: threatening to run every other man through with his rapier, giving exaggerated hat-twirling bows to the ladies: but most of all, lots of thigh-slapping.

So for this Top of the Pops holiday special, we get six principal boys amongst the Christmas trees, in seriously sexy thigh boots and seriously short silken pirate blouses. Lots of hat-flourishing as part of the energetic choreography. But alas, no thigh-slapping.

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Pan’s People – Crackerjack Christmas Panto 1974

Pan’s People made a guest appearance in this version of Aladdin, from the 1974 Christmas special edition of long-running BBC children’s variety TV show Crackerjack!.

Thanks to Andeebee for the YouTube post.

From the old blog, Saturday, 11 October 2014:

Discovered by forum regular Andeebee, and posted by him on youtube last year, here’s an extended collection of clips from Crackerjack’s 1974 Christmas pantomime special: “Aladdin”.

Alongside Crackerjack regulars like Jaqueline Clarke, Don Maclean (that one, not that one) and Peter Glaze (yes, that one), we get a fine selection of British Light Entertainment legends: Derek Guyler, Richard Wattis, and Derek Griffiths.

I’ve previously posted the central “magic cave” sequence back in 2012. Thanks to Andeebee for unearthing this longer version.

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Pan’s People – Barbados

Top of the Pops Day-before-Christmas-Eve Special, 23 December 1975: Pan’s People dance to Barbados by Typically Tropical.

Pan’s People in a typical wintery landscape, complete with snowman and TV studio fake snow, shivering in their big fur coats as they try to keep warm. But how will they represent the tropical beaches, sunshine and heat that the song portrays so vividly? What surprising technique will they use to represent the hot summer sun of Barbados?

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Legs & Co. – Maid in Heaven

TOTP 25 November 1976: Legs & Co. dance to Be Bop Deluxe’s Maid in Heaven

From the old blog: Wednesday, 11 August 2010:

On Top of the Pops, dancing to Maid in Heaven by Be Bop Deluxe. With an extra bit of Jimmy Savile and his own special brand of creepy pervness. I posted a fuzzier VHS-sourced version of this a while back. This one’s cleaner and sharper.

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Pan’s People – Keep On Truckin’

Top of the Pops, 22 November 1973. Pan’s People dance to Keep On Truckin’ by Eddie Kendricks.

First published July 30 2016:

Hooray for my first new routine in ages: thanks to an anonymous contributor, here’s a rare Pan’s people routine from 1973. Jimmy Unperson introduces the girls, dancing in fine high-waisted seventies Oxford bags.

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Legs & Co — I’m Coming Out

TOTP 20 November 1980 Legs & Co dance to Diana Ross’s I’m Coming Out

From the old blog, Friday 3 April 2009:

Legs and Co. on TOTP, dancing to Diana Ross’s I’m Coming Out. Pinching a prop gag shamelessly from The Benny Hill show at 0:50. Introduced by the Hairy Cornplaster.

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Pan’s People – Jumpin’ Jack Flash

The Price of Fame or Fame At Any Price, BBC TV 20 November 1969:
Pan’s People dance while Thelma Houston sings Jumpin’ Jack Flash

Thanks to Andeebee for the YouTube post

From the Old blog, Tuesday, 12 April 2011:

Another clip from The Price of Fame. Here’s Thelma Houston singing, and Pan’s People dancing to, Jumpin’ Jack Flash.


PattiforPM said…

Nice Gogo girls. I love the apparent detachment of the dancers in the late 60s and early 70s. “I was raised by a toothless bearded hag” I always thought Keith Richard must have contributed this lyric for Mick.
12 April 2011 12:41

jez said…

pans people in the early days ,i wonder what ever happened to andrea ,good work here girls
12 April 2011 13:57

Suefan said…

Always good to see Flick in action.
14 April 2011 07:34

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Legs & Co. – Do You Feel Like We Do?

TOTP 18th November 1976: Legs & Co. dance to Do You Feel Like We Do? by Peter Frampton.

From the old blog, Monday, 4 February 2013:

Another great lost routine found again, thanks to panspeople.com: Legs & Co. dancing to Peter Frampton’s Do You Feel Like We Do? from Top of the Pops, Thursday 18th November 1976.

Not a full performance, admittedly, but a good chunk of a routine we’d otherwise never see at all: so thanks to Flight14 over on panspeople.com, and of course the original YouTube poster.

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