Legs & Co – Up The Hill Backwards

Top of the Pops, 9 April 1981: Legs & Co dancing to Up The Hill Backwards by David Bowie.

Clothes like these dresses, fashioned from thin cheescloth, were the height of fashion back in the hippy early seventies. By 1981 the fashion for such clobber had passed, but I think it works well here, with the dramatic side lighting picking out the dancers’ silhouettes.

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Pan’s People – Paperback Writer

Top of the Pops, 8 April 1976: Pan’s People dance to Paperback Writer by The Beatles.

Cherry, Mary, Ruth and Sue dance among paperback book racks of the sort only now seen in charity shops, clutching open books.

In early 1976, EMI re-launched* all of their Beatles singles catalogue, along with a new single release of Yesterday (already a hit in America in 1965, it was only originally released as an album and EP track in the UK). Here’s one of the couple that made it into the charts on relaunch, the 1966 hit Paperback Writer. The song had been kept alive in the public’s ear through its use as a theme tune to Read All About It, Melvyn Bragg’s BBC book review programme.

* Realunched, as opposed to re-released: all the singles had remained available in the EMI catalogue since their original release: none had been deleted.

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Legs &Co. – Love Hit Me

Top of the Pops, 7 April 1977:

Legs & Co. dance to Love Hit Me by Maxine Nightingale

From the old blog, Sunday, 13 February 2011

Not so much literal interpretation as a simple gag based on the song title: Legs &Co. in the boxing ring, biffing each other to Maxine Nightingale’s Love Hit Me. Thanks to PattiforPM for this goofy but fun routine.


jez said…

brilliant p4pm dont know how u got hold of this clip but thank you
17 February 2011 19:55

Suefan said…

Superb routine – great dancing, great costumes, great choreography. Great.
18 February 2011 12:20

74benja81 said…

Love Sue’s straight left at Rosie at the beginning of the dance routine lol. I must say it looked very fast and quite accurate if it had connected to the opponent(Rosie). I think the dance routine would have ended there lol. Coming from, let us say a connoisseur of participating in this line of sport for twenty years. Going back to the routine though, to sum it up in two words: It’s a Knockout. Benja 🙂
24 May 2012 11:16

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Legs & Co. – Never Let Her Slip Away

TOTP April 6th 1978: Legs & Co. dancing to Andrew Gold’s Never Let Her Slip Away.

You can also watch this on youtube.

From the old blog, Monday, 6 June 2011:

I posted an inferior version of this clip back in February (poor picture quality, and TOTP2 graphics over the video). Now PattiforPM has kindly sent this better version, in response to a request from Suefan. Legs & Co. dancing to Andrew Gold’s Never Let Her Slip Away.


Suefan said…

Cheers guys, many thanks for the chance to see this one in its original condition without the TOTP2 impedimenta.

6 June 2011 17:05

carl said…

Yes Very sad about Andrew. 59 is no age. Lonely boy and How can this be love are my faves. I also love Bridge to your heart which he did with Graham Gouldman as Wax in 1987.

7 June 2011 09:19

PattiforPM said…

Light and jaunty routine and the ladies look quite lovely. We should all go for a stroll on Sunday afternoon

7 June 2011 15:35

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Legs & Co – Sultans Of Swing

Top of the Pops, 5th April 1979: Legs & Co dance to Sultans Of Swing by Dire Straits.

Thanks to ASmK for the YouTube post.

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Pan’s People – Homely Girl

TOTP, 4 April 1974: Pan’s People dance to the Chi-lites Homely Girl.

From the old blog, Monday 26 July 2010:

I’m surprised I haven’t got around to posting this little gem of literal choreography until now. To celebrate my return to life with a third post in one day, here’s Pan’s People transforming from dungarees and marker-pen freckles (“Homely Girl”) to fur-fringed baby-doll nighties and silver slippers (“You’re a beautiful woman’). To the music of the Chi-lites.

Thanks once again to Einsfestival for the rebroadcast.

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Legs & Co. – Don’t Push It, Don’t Force It

Top Of The Pops 3 April 1980:
Legs & Co. dance to Don’t Push It, Don’t Force It by Leon Haywood.

“It’ll ride up with wear.” that’s what the staff in Grace Brothers Ladies’ & Gentlemen’s Clothing Departments would say to any customer worried about overly-generous-sized items we were flogging them. And yes, it’s true: things do ride up with wear; but that’s not always a good thing. Here, Legs & Co. discover that their dresses, already very much on the short side, are riding up just a little too much. Cue lots of subtle, and indeed not-so-subtle attempts to get their clothing back under control. In fact, from the very start of the routine, before first-to-appear Lulu is even fully in shot, she’s already having to make adjustments.

It’s these little human touches that make an already great routine unto an utter delight. But what a shame we don’t get to see Patti: this is just the sort of sultry performance that she always excelled at.

From the old blog, Saturday, 5 March 2011

I’ve already posted this clip of Legs & Co. dancing to Leon Heywood’s Don’t Push it, Don’t Force It, back in the days before I got the hang of embedded video. But I’ve found the same clip posted on YouTube recently, so I thought I’d share.


Some Guy said…

For me the ultimate in `sexy` shoots for legs. All 5 girls looking mega hot, cant really pick whos the hottest though ? Or can i. Pity Patti couldnt make the trip.
5 March 2011 08:26

jez said…

very good routine but the song was never really a favourite of mine
5 March 2011 12:35

PattiforPM said…

A really strong performance by all concerned I agree. From the wonderful leggy look right up to the hair mussing it’s all quite exhausting and mesmerizing. Thanks YMG, this one definitely earns a place on their Greatest Hits DVD set.
5 March 2011 13:55

Suefan said…

Certainly in amongst their greatest hits but not the ‘ultimate’ for me.
5 March 2011 14:09

Update 24 April 2015: Upgraded video clip to BBC4 version.

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Legs & Co. – Can You Feel It

Top of The Pops, 2nd April 1981:
Legs & Co. dance to The Jacksons’ Can You Feel It.

It’s 1981, and New Romanticism is all the rage: everyone has to have a couple of puffy pirate shirts in their wardrobe, and Legs & Co., fashionable femmes all, are no exception. Here they combine their big blouses with principal-boy boots and big loose tunics for a routine with a strong pantomime feel, as they dance to the music of Michael Jackson – who’s whole life was a veritable pantomime.

From the old blog, Sunday, 27 March 2011:

This routine, Legs & Co. dancing to the Jacksons’ Can You Feel It, was first posted here ages ago by ilovelulu. Recently on the forum, Dave asked for a playable version, and PattiforPM has generously sent me a higher-quality copy of the clip. So here it is…

From TOTP, April 2 1981: the New Romantic movement, building from the late seventies, was well into the mainstream by this time: and the outfits here are based on a New Romantic fashion standard, the Pirate Look: long 17th-18th century nautical boots, long tunics and sashes over puffy shirts. Aharrr. Thanks to PattiforPM.

Download link (22.6 MB)


Suefan said…

And well worth an upgrade. Thanks guys. Great routine and I like the freeze frames. One thought, Pauline would have looked great in this one if she had still been around.
27 March 2011 10:54

PattiforPM said…

The ladies are on great form in this one I think. I love the New Romantic outfits and the leaps and dramatic poses.
27 March 2011 13:43

jez said…

fantastic routine this one ,thanks yet again mr p for sending this and as always ymg for posting it
29 March 2011 08:48

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Pan’s People – Jungle Rock

Top of the Pops, April 1st 1976: Pan’s People dance to Hank Mizell’s Jungle Rock.

One of the rare few songs that both Pan’s People and Legs & Co. have danced to, this performance is much more substantial than Legs & Co’s loose festive reprise in the Christmas episode later that year. Some neat choreography here, and the on-safari victorian explorer outfits are pretty cute. Some nice dancing from the animals too.

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Legs & Co. – Going In With My Eyes Open

Top of the Pops 31 March 1977:
Legs & Co. dance to David Soul’s Going In With My Eyes Open.

If I remember correctly, this edition of TOTP was donated from David Hamilton’s collection, after the foolish BBC wiped the original. So picture quality is below BBC4’s usual excellent standard, but at least we have it. So in gratitude I shall herewith stop using David’s demeaning “Diddy” nickname. If I remember to.

Anyway, Flick’s seems to have gone for more traditional choreography to mach this traditional ballad from Mr. Soul: so Legs & Co. sweep around the stage in their big backless frocks, with lots of graceful arm and Leg movements. I can’t say I’m a big fan of the song, and David S. is no Matt Monroe. But it’s a pleasant enough excuse to watch our favourite dancers.

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