Pan’s People – Rodrigo’s Guitar Concerto

Top of the Pops, 12 February 1976: Pan’s People dance to Rodrigo’s Guitar Concerto De Aranjuez (Theme From 2nd Movement) by Manuel & the Music of the Mountains.

Let’s listen in on the TOTP production meeting for that week… in my imagination:

BBC Bloke 1: Okay, ELO, Guys & Dolls, Slik… we’ve got all the bands booked: what about the Pan’s People Number?

BBC Bloke 2: Well “Low Rider” by War is up to Number 15: that’s a great, funky danceable number: the Osibisa song “Sunshine Day” has a good groove.

BBC Bloke 3: And Slade’s “Let’s Call it Quits” is a new entry: Pan’s People always do well with a bit of raunchy Rock’n’Roll…

BBC Bloke 1: Yes, they all sound great. But wait a minute: isn’t this the week Lesley Judd is joining them for a feature? We can’t do anything too suggestive if it’s going out on Blue Peter too.

BBC Bloke 2: Damn! I forgot about that: Okay, what about the boring classical guitar thing? It’s dead unsexy. We can put them in smocky ethnic outfits with big dresses.

BBC Bloke 1: Okay, that’ll do nicely.

From the old blog, Friday, 19 August 2011

Here’s Blue Peter’s Lesley Judd making a special guest appearance with Pan’s People, for a Blue Peter feature, dancing to Rodrigo’s Guitar Concerto by Manuel & His Music of the Moutains. Another gift from PattiforPM: many thanks.


carl said…

another fantastic upload. cheers
19 August 2011 20:53

Some Guy said…

…the wonderful Sue…
20 August 2011 06:37

Suefan said…

And such a sexy senorita too – too much vino El YMG! Another great dance routine from Flick and the girls. Great stuff.
20 August 2011 08:44

mojo2007 said…

a real rare one. lovely.
20 August 2011 21:15

PattiforPM said…

I love this one too. Smooth action and would have looked good on location at Machu Picchu.
23 August 2011 14:33

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Legs & Co. – Take A Chance On Me

Top Of The Pops 9 February 1978:
Legs & Co dance to “Take A Chance On Me” by Abba.

From the old blog, Wednesday, 6 March 2013:

Legs & Co. dance to Abba’s Take a Chance on Me, in silver boots, black spangly leggings and fuchsia cummerbunds. From February 9th 1978, this routine takes place in a colour-coordinated fuchsia and black set dominated by arrow graphics: highly fashionable, with the late seventies post-punk mod revival just beginning to take off around then.

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Legs & Co. – Chiquitita

Top of the Pops, 8 February 1979: Legs & Co dance to Chiquitita by Abba.

Thanks to Andeebee for the YouTube post.

From the old blog, Friday, 8 July 2011:

Here are Legs & Co. in traditional Spanish outfits, dancing to Abba’s Chiquitita.

Thanks to PattiforPM, who sent me this clip.


Suefan said…

Come on Kid show a bit more enthusiasm. This is quite a decent ‘go’ and smashing costumes. But I think these girls need cheering up and letting their hair down.
8 July 2011 11:26

PattiforPM said…

Jesus these senoritas on the hacienda give me the cojones to demand the whole enchilada. Once again I like this restrained tension they convey. Must be my repressed grammar school upbringing coming through!
8 July 2011 22:24

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Pan’s People – Both Sides Now

Top of the Pops, 5 February 1970: Pan’s People dance to Judy Collins’ Both Sides Now.

A fairly muted performance here, to a middle-tempo folk-pop classic. Pan’s People uncharacteristically covered up in big patterned frocks with bags of smocking. When I posted this routine on the original blog I described the dresses as “Laura Ashley”, but on looking again, the style might be right for LA, but the fabric patterns don’t look traditional enough. If we only had a colour version of this recording to look at, that would settle it.

Thanks to for the youtube post.

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Legs & Co. – Don’t Leave Me This Way

Top of the Pops, 03 February 1977: Legs & Co. dance to Don’t Leave Me This Way by Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes

Nothing says sophisticated glamour like long white gloves and candelabras, don’t you think? Posh frocks and dangly earrings, too. Legs & Co. in classy mode, dance to a song that was also a hit for Thelma Houston around the same time: not to mention wee Jimmy Somerville’s falsetto version a few years later.

Thanks again to Andeebee for the YouTube post.

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Legs & Co. – The Groove Line

TOTP February 2 1978: Legs & Co. dance to Heatwave’s The Groove Line.

Some rather skimpy outfits here: so skimpy that they’re literally held together with bits of string. But frustratingly “moody” lighting. Are the two perhaps connected? Did the producer, concerned at such revealing outfits on a Thursday early-evening “family” show, give the order to tone the lights down?

From the old blog, Wednesday, 30 March 2011:

Here’s another clip from the generous PattiforPM (thank you!). Legs & Co. dance to Heatwave’s The Groove Line. Top of the Pops February 2 1978.


Suefan said…

Now that is my kind of groove and there’s no way I could have waited in line. Super sexy stuff.
30 March 2011 10:48

PattiforPM said…

Skimpiness abounds and good dance music this one but it always reminds me a bit of Ryan’s comments on “Disco Inferno” as the lighting and camera angles detract a little from the wild action.

31 March 2011 00:58

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Legs & Co. – Heart of Glass

Top of the Pops, 01/02/1979: Legs & Co. dance to Blondie’s Heart of Glass

Some lovely black sequinned outfits here.

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Legs & Co. – Que Tal America

Top Of The Pops 1 February 1979:
Rosie & Gill from Legs & Co. dance to Que Tal America by Two Man Sound.

Thanks to SuPaLu for the YouTube post.

from the old blog, Thursday, 25 October 2012:

Here are Two Man Sound on Top of the Pops, 1 Feb 1979. Despite their swarthy Mediterranean looks, these three blokes are actually from Belgium. Like moules-frites and Tintin. Anyway, the ‘Pops producers must have thought that, with their big perms, facial hair and tie-dye chic, their act needed glamming up a bit. So of course they sent in Rosie and Gill. Nice.

…And just in case you forgot we were back in the seventies, Mike Read ends the clip with a shockingly bitchy camp remark. Heavens!

Thanks to pattiforPM for the clip, and Bucksby for the discovery.


PattiforPM said…

What an odd little ditty this is and why has the Captain decided to hop through the whole thing? Thank goodness for Gill and Rosie, but the stage manager should have watched Red Light Spells Danger before setting this up IMHO
25 October 2012 15:20

Some Guy said…

The `One For The Dads` band finally get their wish and perform on stage with members of Legs & Co.
31 October 2012 19:50

PattiforPM said…

You look good on the bass Some Guy but Jez on the bongos is definitely the star.
1 November 2012 00:01

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Legs & Co. – Jazz Carnival

Top of the Pops, 31 January 1980:
Legs & Co. dance to Jazz Carnival by Azymuth (Who they?)

What a great routine: the costumes, both daft and desirable, amusing and alluring, silly and sensual. Rosie always relishes the chance to lark about, and Gill rises to the occasion when her wolf throttles Rosie’s rabbit. And Lulu’s impression of a tottering young giraffe is, well, skillful and clever: as well as being fun.

I don’t think I’ve paid enough attention to this routine in the past. And with a bit of luck, we’ll have a nice clear repeat from BBC 4 any week now…

Thanks to ASmK for the YouTube post.

From the old blog, Monday, 7 march 2011:

Kid Jensen, in a pith helmet, introduces Legs & Co. dancing to Azymuth’s Jazz Carnival. The descriptions he gives for the outfits seem a bit arbitrary: a green leopard? A purple & orange striped chameleon? Almost as if they designed the costumes first, then afterwards decided what they were meant to be. All rather silly, in a delightful sort of way.

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Pan’s People – I’m A Man

Top of the Pops, 29 january 1970: Pan’s People dance to Chicago’s I’m A Man.

Thanks to panspeoplearchive for the YouTube post.

From the old blog, Saturday, 22 August 2009:

What song could be more inappropriate for such womanly dancers as Pan’s People, than Chicago’s I’m A Man? Six groovy 1970 chicks, in glorious archive monochrome.

Von Einsfestival die Wächter unserer süßen Speicher.

Back in those days, before the BBC 4 TOTP repeats began, it was hugely exciting to hear that German cable channel Einsfestival was showing TOTP repeats. I seem to remember composing poetic thanks-you messages whenever I blogged material from them, which I then ran through google’s on-line translator, since my German is pretty much non-existent. No doubt any native German speaker will be able to spot the computer’s involvement immediately. If you’re interested in what my original message was, you can do the same in reverse.

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